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Description of the organisation

Thales Research and Technology mission is to provide short-term and long-term competitive advantage to the THALES Group by transferring leading edge knowledge by injecting innovation. Through its internal activities and scientific links with industries and universities (such as INRIA, CEA, Ecole polytechnique), either in France or internationally, TRT is participating in the preparation of THALES industrial future in strategic R&D fields according to the Group’s strategic priorities.

With 270 skilled staff, 13000 sq. m of labs of which 1700 sq. m clean rooms, TRT research teams perform pioneering work in the most advanced areas. S&T skills, ranging from materials elaboration (epitaxy/deposition of various semiconductors, metallic, magnetic thin films, ceramics, polymers), through component modelling, processing, testing, assembly and packaging, to integration in appropriate demonstrators are available on site and allow full validation of the technologies investigated before their transfer to operational divisions of the THALES Group.

Specifically, the Nanomaterial team (P. Bondavalli) at the Physics Department of TRT is composed by highly skilled scientists working on the development of new kind of nanomaterials (e.g. carbonaceous nanomaterials) for the new generation of electronic devices (see bibliography). The Laboratory of Chemistry and of Multi-functional Materials (LCMM) (led by C.Galindo), in charge of processing the carbon nanofibers, has acquired over the past 15 years a large background in domains covering organic chemistry and analysis of materials and recently more specifically nanomaterials.




The key role of THALES in the project is:

  • To achieve stable suspensions of carbon nanofibers
    To deposit carbon nanofibers on large surfaces in a uniform and reproducible way • To fabricate electrodes and supercapacitors
  • To test them in systematic way
    To evaluate their performances
THALES will work predominantly within Work Packages WP2, WP4, WP5, WP7 and WP8.



Key persons for FIBRALSPEC Project

<b>Dr. Paolo Bondavalli</b>
Dr. Paolo BondavalliHead of Nanomaterial Team

Dr. Paolo Bondavalli is the Head of Nanomaterial team at Thales Research and Technology (CNRS/Thales, UMR137) and he is a member of the Nanocarb Lab. (joint team Ecole Polytechnique/Thales). His research has dealt principally carbon nanotubes gas sensors and silicon nanowires for biological detection. In the last two years, he is the first author of several scientific papers (see refs in project) dealing with CNTFET based sensors, supercapacitors and of 6 patents dealing with gas sensors, thermal management through CNTs, nanomaterials deposition, supercapacitors and memristor-like structures. Presently his work is focused on the development of new materials (e.g. graphene, cnts, nanowires) for the new generation of electronics devices and for energy storage applications and memristor. Dr Bondavalli has received his Hdr in 2011, at Paris-Sud on a work on “devices based on random network of carbon nanotubes”.

He is EU expert, and Vice-Chairman, for Marie Curie Fellowships (EIF, IIF, OIF, CIG, IRSES), NMP and ICT panel, for the French National Research Agency (ANR), EDA, Eureka and reviewer for IOP, ACS, IEEE, ECS, Elsevier, EPJ B, Bentham, Taylor & Francis… During the last five years, he has participated, also as coordinator, in several EU projects (concerning MEMS, MOEMS, CNTs, graphene, spintronics) and ANR projects. He is involved in the Graphene Flagship initiative.

<b>Dr. Christophe Galindo</b>
Dr. Christophe GalindoLaboratory Manager

Dr. Christophe Galindo Chemistry and Multifunctional Materials laboratory manager | Ph.D in Polymer Chemistry | Foci: polymer chemistry, organic and organometallic synthesis, chemical characterization (NMR, IR, DSC, spectroscopic analysis), materials for energy storage, material for thermal management, materials for optical applications | Co-author of over 10 publications | Involved in many European and National projects.