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Description of the organisation

National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) is the oldest and most prestigious educational institution of Greece in the field of technology, and has contributed unceasingly to the country’s scientific, technical and economic development since its foundation in 1836.

The research expertise of the team involved in the FIBRALSPEC includes: synthesis of carbon nanotubes, nanocontainers and water nanotraps, nanomechanical/ micromechanical and tribological characterization, corrosion behaviour and mechanisms, anticorrosive mechanisms, advanced ceramics processing, ceramic shaping and sintering techniques, powder consolidation methods, development of ceramics with tailored properties, synthesis of ceramic nanopowders through chemical methods, coating techniques, social & safety implications of nanotechnology, technological assessment, sustainability studies in nanotechnology, life cycle analysis, risk assessment, end-of-life strategy in nanomaterials.

The NTUA team comprises chemical and mechanical engineers, chemists and technicians, specialized in the fields of materials research and development, possessing a very experienced staff (including several professors, research scientists and PhD students) as well as extensive facilities for materials processing and characterization.


National Technical University of Athens is the Coordinator of the FIBRALSPEC project having the overall responsibility for management of the project and all liaisons with the European Commission (EC). NTUA will carry out all administrative issues expected by the EC related to monitoring the progress of the project, the distribution of funding from the Commission among all partners collecting, reviewing and submitting information on reports and other deliverables (including financial statements and related certifications) to the EC. Part of this role is also to coordinate the communication between the Partners and Work Package Leaders so that the project runs according to the foreseen plans (scientific tasks, budget).

Except from the coordination role, NTUA is the leader of WP11 “Management”. The main responsibilities are to: identify and confirm deliverables and milestones, analyse the risks associated with project execution take corresponding mitigation actions, ensure efficient and high-quality communication between the partners, ensure a smooth transfer of information (e.g. reports) to and from the Commission and to distribute the financial support paid by the Commission among the partners.

Finally, NTUA has the key role for the implementation of  WP1 “Development of new precursors” as leader. Its main role comprises the production of carbon fibres from new precursors (lignin, renewable, novel synthetic polymer) as well as the optimization of stabilization/carbonization process and design of carbon fiber production line (unit).

  • Improvement of production of CFs from precursors
  • Improvement of production of CFs from precursors
  • Production of CFs from renewable resources
  • Development of a novel synthetic polymer as possible new CF precursor
  • Electrochemical treatment and the electropolymerization
  • Creep and time dependent properties under operating conditions at nanoscale
  • Theoretical model of fibres and composites integrity, optimal composition
  • End of life strategy
  • End-of-life treatment system for CF precursors, CFs and composites: [month 48]
  • Technology transfer


Key persons for FIBRALSPEC Project

Prof. Constantinos Charitidis
Prof. Constantinos Charitidis Professor

Prof. Constantinos Charitidis is Professor at the School of Chemical Engineering of NTUA (Director of Department of Materials Science and Engineering), with extensive R&D experience through collaborations with international research centres. He is a referee in International scientific journals, evaluator & scientific advisor of R&D projects, participant in European and National funded R&D projects. His research activity is complemented by about 150 papers in International Journals (100 ISI) and Conferences, a large number of lectures as an invited speaker and over 1000 citations by other researchers (hindex 19).

Dr. Elias Koumoulos
Dr. Elias Koumoulos Researcher

Dr. Elias Koumoulos, MSc Chemical Engineer, is researcher at School of Chemical Engineering, NTUA, with extensive experience in nanomechanical characterization and nano-patterning of engineering materials and structures, demonstrated by the publications (26) and presentations in conferences (35) and his participation in a number of EC funded projects.

Dr. Spyridon Soulis
Dr. Spyridon Soulis Researcher

Dr. Spyridon Soulis, Chemical Engineer, is researcher at School of Chemical Engineering, NTUA and from 2001 he also works in the Inter-disciplinary program “Materials Science and Technology” of NTUA. His main research is focused in the fields of carbon fibers production, conducting polymers, polyurethanes and polyesters. His efforts have thus far produced four chapters in books, one review article, 17 journal publications and more than 45 conference proceedings papers and he is peer reviewer in two scientific journals.

Dr. Despina Triantou
Dr. Despina Triantou Researcher

Dr. Despina Triantou, Chemical Engineer, is researcher at School of Chemical Engineering, NTUA. She has extensive experience in the field of synthesis and characterization of conducting polymers and their applications, as well as in production of biodegradable polyesters. From March of 2013 and for two years she is a Marie Curie Fellow working on the program: “NovEl conducting copolymers for Multicolor Electrochromic DeviceS (ECDs)” (NEMEDES) in the Fraunhofer IAP research institute (Potsdam, Germany). Her efforts have thus far produced four chapters in books, 11 journal publications, 32 conference proceedings papers and she is also peer reviewer in three scientific journals.