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  • GlobalSafeGuard Limited GSG
    Ltd 2 Todburn Moor Farm Cottages
    Longhorsley Northumberland NE65 8RX
  • T: +44 (0) 1670 788002
  • M: +44 (0) 7930 152078
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Description of the organisation

GlobalSafeGuard Ltd (GSG Ltd) is an SME specializing in the research, design and development of temporary shelter systems. These Shelter Systems utilize our patented structural technology to provide a rigid, weather-proof shelter system that can be assembled in less than 10 minutes. This stackable/nestable shelter can be transported extremely efficiently and stored externally for prolonged periods without special maintenance.

This UK based company is working across several market sectors including leisure, construction and humanitarian assistance. The key role of GSG in the project is the Rapid Deployment Secure Emergency Shelter (RDSES) development with the newly developed carbon fibre textile materials.



The key role of GSG in the project is the Rapid Deployment Secure Emergency Shelter (RDSES) development with the newly developed carbon fibre and hybrid materials.
GSG Ltd will work predominantely within Work Packages 7, 8, 9, 10 and support 11 (Management), and in accomplishment of associated Tasks and Deliverables within those Work Packages, as follows:


  • Task 7.2 Proof of concept 2 Medium technology – large scale: Rapid Deployment Secure Emergency Shelter (RDSES) (GSG)
    • D 7.2 Rapid Deployment Secure Emergency Shelter – carbon fibre
    • D 7.3 Rapid Deployment Secure Emergency Shelter – hybrid
  • Task 8.1 Starting precursor waste materials (UOB)
  • Task 8.2 Intermediate precursor waste (UOB)
  • Task 8.3 Final product waste (UOB)
    • D 8.1 Strategies for recycling starting, intermediate and final-product waste
    • D 8.2 Recycling and reuse of intermediate waste precursors
  • Task 9.1 Development of LCA and LCC based tools (UOB)
  • Task 10.1 Development of the dissemination strategy
    • D 10.1 Dissemination Strategy
    • D 10.2 Project Webpage
  • Task 10.3 Newsletters
    • D 10.5 – 10.13 Newsletters
  • Task 10.4 Workshop/Conference
    • D 10.4 Workshop/ Conference report
  • Task 10.5 Development of the exploitation plan
    • D 10.17 – 10.20 Exploitation plan
  • Task 10.6 Product concept – Business plan
    • D 10.3 Business Plans
  • Task 11.1 Organisation and reporting


Key persons for FIBRALSPEC Project

<strong>Mr. </strong><b>Glen Monaghan </b>
Mr. Glen Monaghan CEO

Glen Monaghan – CEO of GSG Ltd. GM responsibilities include product design and material specification. Product development from the core concept of a “secure sleeping/accommodation unit” into units suitable for sanitation, medical, cold storage and beyond.  Securing and implementing” Intellectual Property Rights” of company products.

<strong>Ms. </strong><b>Belinda Ellen Fairbairn</b>
Ms. Belinda Ellen FairbairnProject Manager

Belinda Ellen Fairbairn – Senior Project Manager. An experienced project developer and multiple-task manager, BEF oversees the strategic direction of GlobalSafeGuard Ltd, including project management of new product development, coordination of quality assurance and customer service levels.  This includes sourcing, securing, administration of external funding, alongside relationship management of project partners and project monitoring, appraisal and evaluation.