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Description of the organisation

 Institute for Problems of Materials Science (IPMS) is Ukrainian leading centre of advanced scientific and engineering services, technical consulting and contract research and development in the field of Material science and advanced technology of metal, ceramic and composite materials. IPMS was set up in 1955 on the base of the laboratory for special alloys of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. Since then it has progressively widened its fields of application and customer base.

IPMS has no analogues among academic institutions due a great variety of new developments in technological processes, materials and products on their base. IPMS employs about 1700 people, including 70 doctors and more than 345 Ph.D., among them Members of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, professors.

IPMS is a large scientific and research complex, including Special Design Bureau with Pilot Plants, Computer Centre and Laboratory for Basalt Materials Production. All achievements in the development of new materials with their further commercial application are supported by wide basic researches in the field of solid-state physics and chemistry, inorganic physical chemistry, mechanics of deformable media.


IPMS will synthesize own nanostructured particles, graphens and nanographites from plant waste, such as chips of pine, nanographites – from hydratcellulose, having extensive experience in the field.

The most important tasks for IPMS are nanoprofiling and nanomodification of carbon fiber surface and coupling agents. For this purpose it is necessary to produce nanostructured carbon particles with predetermined size and chemical and physical properties. According to our predictions ferromagnetic particles can not only improve glazing stage during serial carbon fibers production (under the influence of magnetic field) but also ensure the special electrical and physical properties of composite.

IPMS will work predominantly within Work Packages :

  • WP2 Investigation of methods for the production of oxide coatings on CF by means of solution method. Material of coatings – yttrium oxide and aluminium and magnesium spinels; characterization of such coatings by means of XRD, FTIR, SEM, TEM.
  • WP8 Hydrothermal processing of CF wastes and old CF and also sol-processing for enhancement of functional properties of end products. Special attention will be paid to:
    • The introduction of nanostructured carbon and silicon additives and
    • Production of composite materials with enhanced tribological characteristics. 

Key persons for FIBRALSPEC Project

<b>Leon Vishnyakov</b>
Leon VishnyakovHead of Department

Leon Vishnyakov – Prof., Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Head of the Department of Composite Materials, Relevant Experience: Specialist in armour materials (knitted meshs for LSP, powder fillers, including nanoscale conductive particles) for polymer matrix composites, as well as  composites of metal, ceramic and carbon matrices for construction and functional applications. In 2006-2008 was Project Manager of a STCU Project P250.

<b>Liudmila Pereselentseva</b>
Liudmila PereselentsevaSenior Scientist

Liudmila Pereselentseva, Cand. Sci. (Ph.D.), Senior Scientist, Relevant Experience:  professional in the area of high-temperature metal and ceramic composite materials, nanostructure materials (carbon and refractory carbides). At present her main research activity is focused on synthesis of polymer nanocomposites . Author of a number of papers and conference presentations. In 2002-2005 was Project Manager of a STCU Project.

<b>Kateryna Vyshnyakova</b>
Kateryna VyshnyakovaSenior Scientist

Kateryna Vyshnyakova, Chemist, PhD. Senior Scientist,  Relevant Experience: Participation in national and European projects (№2419, Р250)  about composites and nanocomposites,  focusing her research activity on the study of synthesis and characterization of carbon nanomaterials, ceramic nanoparticles and their application aspects in composites materials as well as design and characterization of polymer matrix composites reinforced with nanoparticles for aerospace materials application. The research produced 17 papers and a patent and about 20 conference presentations.