EUROMOBILITA S.R.O. – (EUMO), Czech Republic 

Contact Information 

    Taborska 922
    29301 Mlada Boleslav
    Ceska Republika


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Description of the organisation

EUROMOBILITA S.R.O (EUMO) is a Czech based SME specialized in creating advanced tailor-made Information Technology solutions in Transport and Transport related research. EUMO has experience in Website modelling, Portal development analysis and implementation.

EUMO also have expertise in providing diverse range of dissemination activities and providing Digital voting (Interactive voting system) support for decision making Workshops, Seminars and/or Project Meetings. EUMO FP7 project participations include TransNEW project and HERMES project, both as partner and Work Package leader. Combining our research-level know-how and knowledge of transport actors and SMEs.

EUMO is responsible for the TransNEW database, HERMES project database and the transport SME database which provides a wealth of information on the skills and capabilities of SMEs in the New Member States. As well as providing a free search facility for organizations keen on collaborating with transport research SMEs. EUMO foresees a variety of instruments for spreading excellence, exploiting results and disseminating knowledge.



EUMO will develop a dissemination activities (WP10) and exploitation of project results. These activities include:

  1. Development of a corporate image for the FIBRALSPEC project including the logo and colour schemes.
  2. Design of promotional leaflets, posters.
  3. Development of the dissemination strategy.
  4. Creation and maintenance of a FIBRALSPEC Project website.
  5. Regular newsletters in various formats including; paper for use at workshop/conference; e-newsletter, flipbook format for use on the project website.
  6. Workshop/conference organisation
  7. Implementation of Digital Voting System to support the decision making processes at meetings and workshop.
  8. Publications in peer reviewed journals.
EUMO will work predominantely within Work Packages 10 and  11 (Management), and in accomplishment of associated Tasks and Deliverables within those Work Packages, as follows:

  • Task 10.1: Development of the dissemination strategy (EUMO)
    • D10.1 Dissemination Strategy (EUMO, M3)
  • Task 10.2: Development and maintenance of the Fibralspec Project Website (EUMO)
    • D10.2 Project Webpage (EUMO, M6)
  • Task 10.3: Newsletters (EUMO)
  • Task 10.4: Workshop/Conference (EUMO)
    • D10.4 Workshop/Conference report (OSM, EUMO, M45)
    • D10.5-10.13 Newsletters (EUMO, M6, M12, M18, M24, M30, M36, M39, M42, M48)
Task 11.1 Organisation and reporting

Key persons for FIBRALSPEC Project


<strong>Mr</strong>. <b>Ales Loncaric</b>
Mr. Ales LoncaricManager

Ales Loncaric, B.Sc. (IT), Bachelor of Science of Computer and Information Science. He has experience in previous EU funded projects: TransNEW, HERMES both as a project partner and Work Package leader. Special working skills: Project management in different EU research projects; IT strategy planning; Web-site modelling, Portal development analysis and implementation; Database development and maintenance; Providing diverse range of dissemination activities; Information Systems planning and analysis; Information Systems development and implementation; Information Systems document Management; Public procurement – technical part; data modelling; functional modelling; process modelling using IDEF and eEPC notation; Providing Digital voting (Interactive voting system) support for decision making Workshops, Seminars or Project Meetings.

<b>Ms. Petra Gamberger</b>
Ms. Petra GambergerDissemination Manager

Ms. Petra Gamberger, M.Sc. is working as a project and dissemination manager and PM consultant for the last ten years. Her active role is focused mainly on project management and consultancy, accompanied by other working activities presented below. Between 2006 and 2011 she was actively involved in the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) projects. Special working skills: Project management; Configuration management; Quality management; Strategic management; Human resources; Dissemination management; Dissemination strategy; Event management; Providing Digital voting support at workshops/conferences and seminars; Company performance; Website maintenance.