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Description of the organisation

CTM specialises in the design and supply of bespoke resin delivery system to a wide range of industrial sectors. CTM specialise in designing equipment for dispensing “difficult and demanding” multi-component liquids such as isocyanates, filled epoxy, polyester, etc. CTM are also the sole UK agents for Impianti OMS and Italian manufacturer of machinery dedicated to the Polyurethane Industry.

CTM has been successful in being granted two D.T.I. Smart awards for feasibility and development of ultra low output solvent free PU and Epoxy processing technologies. CTM has Participated in three recent TSB projects which are of relevance to this proposal:

 Energy efficient and environmentally recycling of composites;

 Next generation filament wing and

 Environmentally friendly pultrusion.



CTM will develop a resin delivery system incorporating priming/recirculation pumps so as to deliver precise component output and ratio of precursor materials and their hybrids. It is envisaged that the CTM machine will take the form of a precision-pump based delivery and a peristaltic delivery system. The machine will be under the control of high performance PLC running dedicated CTM software. The CTM software will control the flow of each component in a full time closed loop mode. The components will be temperature conditioned via electric heating. The control system and process instrumentation will be designed with to allow process parameter data to be recorded and exported in Excel format. These will then be attached to the mechano-electo-spinner that will be developed by UOB.This item of equipment will be used to extrude the new precursors to control and “fix” the molecular orientation of the extruded precursors where extensional-flow will be maintained.

CTM Ltd will work predominantely within Work Packages 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9  and support 11 (Management), and in accomplishment of associated Tasks and Deliverables within those Work Packages, as follows:

The starting point for the production of advanced fibre reinforced composites is the efficient impregnation of the individCTMual filaments in the bundle. CTM will provide a precision pump systems using syringe drives, piston pumps, peristaltic pumps and precision gear pumps to coat the fibres with the chosen resin system. The impregnation experiments will be carried out at UOB.
Characterization of Materials and Mechanical testing
Materials development (supply), Hybrid materials
Dedicated modelling of process and properties
Qualification, standardization, production of (certified) reference materials
Proof of concept-Demonstrator
CTM will work in collaboration with UOB in developing recycling strategies for the various waste streams mentioned in the proposal. The CTM resin delivery systems will be used to impregnate the waste materials prior to curing to manufacture composites.
Life Cycle Assessment


Key persons for FIBRALSPEC Project

<b>Shane Wootton </b>
Shane Wootton Sales Director

Shane Wootton – Sales Director. Shane gained 7 years experience as a Technical Manager at a Midlands based PU producer dedicated to the automotive car seat production sector and was involved in the introduction of dual hardness foam seating technologies throughout the mid to late 80’s.

Shane then moved from product production to PU equipment supply gaining 2 years experience as Customer Service Manager for an Italian based PU machine manufacturer.

In the mid part of 1990 Shane established an independent service support company with Ruth Wootton. The birth of the new business coincided with a recession not that dissimilar to the one we are currently experiencing; as such Ruth and Shane are well placed to weather the current storm. Having gained 8 years experience in supplying independent field service engineering dedicated to the PU sector a decision was made by Shane and Ruth to enter the world of P.U. processing equipment supply. Shane and Ruth have gained 11 years experience in this market sector. Shane has an international patent in force in his name in the following regions globally Patent No 2343-P101. Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, US, UK, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany Ireland, Italy and France. Shane has a second and complimentary international patent in his name which will grant very soon and is designed to add to the level of protection gained form the initial patent. This patent is being prosecuted in the same regions globally. This is patent No 2343-P102

Both patents relate to solvent free ultra low and variable output high pressure mixing technologies for the P.U and Epoxy processing sector.

CTM will launch the new technology into the PU/Epoxy processing sector during January/February 2010.

Shane’s current role within the Company is mainly focused upon technical issues and sales enquiries.

<b>Mike Tait </b>
Mike Tait Operation Director

Mike Tait – Operation Director. Mike joint CTM 8 years ago having gained a high level of PU processing knowledge within the Automotive PU processing sector. Mike has real drive and determination that has seen him rise form a Field service Engineer to his current roll of Operations Director. His position is demanding in that he must constantly balance the demands of CTM’s field activities with CTM’s self build business. Mike is very much involved in CTM’s self build equipment beyond that of delivery as he has a large input on design and technology especially in the controls side.

Mike has been instrumental in the recent success of CTM’s large output metering unit which delivers 2,000 litres of mixed P.U. per minute. Mike considers that CTM have the game wrapped up at both ends of the output range.

Operation Director

Ruth Wootton– Financial Director. Prior to entering into business with Shane, 2 years after the business was started, Ruth had gained a good level of experience in the financial services sector. This experience has allowed Ruth to manage the finances of CTM for the last 18 years. In addition to this Ruth keeps CTM correctly positioned in terms of new employment law. Ruth is now moving more into a new role that will see her much more involved with customers of CTM.