YUZHNOYE SDO – (YUZ), Ukraine 

Contact Information 

    3, Krivorozhskaya Street
    Dniepropetrovsk, 49008, UKRAINE
  • T: +38056-770-04-47
  • M: +38093-722-09-17




Description of the organisation

For more than 50 years Yuzhnoye in cooperation with a multiple variety of scientific and industrial entities developed and launched about 400 satellites and about 900 launch vehicles, aiming at the following space applications: astrophysical observations, global studies, remote sensing of Earth and World Ocean, national defence tasks. Yuzhnoye designed over 70 types of spacecraft, 4 generations of ballistic missile complexes and 7 types of launch vehicles. Yuzhnoye is a unique multi-profile space centre that uses the integrated approach to solve the tasks of space exploration.

With its great scientific and technical potential, Yuzhnoye Design Office besides the space rocket hardware develops high technology products for machine-building, power industry, transport, processing industry and other industries.

Yuzhnoye SDO has a great experience in the development of composite materials used in Spacecraft and Launch Vehicle structures. Some of these composite materials due to their modification, beside the functions of load-bearing elements, have special properties ensuring their shielding action under the effect of radiation and electromagnetic emission.

Yuzhnoye SDO has an extensive experience in creating and using the structures and panels and sandwich structures constituted of glass and carbon fibres with an aluminium honeycomb core. The panels made of carbon fibres and fabrics with aluminum filler are used in the frames of solar arrays of Yuzhnoye SDO development spacecraft.



YUZ will participate in:

  • New precursors development;
  • Production of reference materials;
  • Building-up a continuous CF line at industrial scale;
  • Life Cycle Assessment;
YUZ will work predominantely within Work Packages 1,2, 3, 6, 7 and support 11 (Management), and in accomplishment of associated Tasks and Deliverables within those Work Packages, as follows:

Key tasks:

  • Production of the samples of preforms and composites of various compositions;
  • Production of textile structures;
  • Industrial scale line production;


  • Report on the influence of textile structure on composite properties;
  • Production for textured (bulk) filaments using directed shrinkage of textile viscose yarns;
  • Pilot line – final carbon fibre evaluated;


Key persons for FIBRALSPEC Project

<b>Tykhyy Viktor</b><b> </b>
Tykhyy Viktor CTS

Tykhyy Viktor is C.T.S., Head of Physical Methods of Testing Department. Expert in material and structure investigation. Investigated and continues to investigate the ingress of gases and liquids through (metal and composite) materials and defects, microdefects, and develops inspection methods of leakproofness, cleanliness, and non-destructive inspection methods of materials and articles quality, and investigates physico-mechanical characteristics of materials. An author of more than 60 scientific and technical publications and 30 inventions. With his participation and under his leadership different physico-mechanical characteristics have been investigated of such materials as glass-fiber plastic, organoplastic, carbon-filled plastic, carbon-carbon and other materials in volume needed for their application in aerospace engineering.

<b>Olexandr Potapov</b>
Olexandr PotapovResearcher

Olexandr Potapov – Candidate of Engineering Science, supervision of work of material science specialists, supervision of development of technology new composite materials.