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Description of the organisation

Anthony, Patrick and Murta Exportacao (APM) is a small industrial fabricator of composite parts and structures based in south-west Portugal Founded in 1966. It has more than 40 years of experience in the manufacturing of a wide range of composite products, large and small. AP&M has capabilities for mould-making, as well as the production of composite structures in open or closed moulds using hand lay-up or vacuum infusion.

AP&M has manufactured large composite sandwich structures for rail vehicle cabs and insulated food carrying vehicles, e.g. lorries, vans, pick-ups. etc. AP&M currently employs 8 workers. AP&M has participated in a number European research projects and has benefitted from the shared technology. These include: HYCOTRANS, in which they worked on the development and manufacturing of novel crashworthy composite sandwich structures; HYCOPROD, in which they manufactured the world’s first all-composite fully-structural crashworthy rail vehicle driver’s cab; and DE-LIGHT Transport in which they collaborated with Bombardier Transportation on the prototyping of an advanced lightweight cab for a French regional train.

In FIRE-RESIST they supported the material development activities through the production of composite material samples and structures for testing. They are also responsible for the manufacturing of the rail industry case study component. AP&M use their practical manufacturing expertise in SAFEJOINT. They support the metal/ composite joint development activities through the production of appropriate joints for evaluation. They will also provide information on the feasibility of the joint designs developed in this project in terms of suitability for full scale industrial production.



The key role of AP&M in the project is…

AP&M will bring their practical manufacturing expertise to FIBRALSPEC. AP&M will take an existing concept “Rapid Deployment Secure Emergency Shelter- fibreglass” (RDSES-fg) designed and developed applying traditional composite manufacturing techniques and, by employing the use of carbon fibre will reduce the unit mass while at the same time increasing rigidity, durability and end user usability, resulting in Rapid Deployment Secure Emergency Shelter carbon fibre (RDSES-cf). This proof of concept will be extended to using glass and carbon hybrid structures that use the appropriate materials in the appropriate situations.

AP&M will work predominantly within Work Packages 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10, and in accomplishment of associated Tasks and Deliverables within those Work Packages


Key persons for FIBRALSPEC Project

<b>Tony Simmonds</b><b> </b>
Tony Simmonds Managing Director

Tony Simmonds is the Managing Director of AP&M. He has a background in boat building and more than 50 years’ experience in the composites business.

<b>Guy Simmonds</b>
Guy SimmondsFactory Manager

Guy Simmonds is apm’s Factory Manager. He has more than 20 years’ experience in composite manufacturing, with particular expertise in the fabrication of prototype components including large structures.