Fibralspec partners IPMS and POLITO participated at E-MRS 2015 conference that was held in Warsaw, Poland from 15 – 18 September 2015 and gave following presentations at SYMPOSIUM F: MATERIALS AND COATINGS FOR EXTREME ENVIRONMENTS:

  • Production of graphite and graphene nanoparticles by pine chips carbonisation: L. Vyshniakov, L. Pereselentseva, K. Vyshniakova , A. Tagliaferro, P. Jagdale, I. Cannavaro 
  • Synthesis of nanostructured silicon carbide from bamboo chip impregnated with silicon acid using carbonization method: L. Vyshiakov, Huen Do Dic, K. Vishnyakova,L. Pereselentseva

For this event project partner EUMO created Conference flyer to promote Fibralspec participation at E-MRS Conference.