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Happy Easter Holidays !

The Team of the Fibralspec Project would like to wish you and your family Happy Easter Holidays!  

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Fibralspec participation at ITE 2014 – Summary

FIBRALSPEC participation in Industrial Technologies 2014 (booth #41) successfully indicated the need for improvement of materials, pointing out the impact that carbon fibers have in all innovative aspects of materials and industrial new perspectives. NTUA had the chance to disseminate FIBRALSPEC Project, attracting the interest of scientists from multidisciplinary fields, representatives from the industrial sector, academia, research organisations and representatives from European Commission, media and general public.  

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Fibralspec partner Yuzhnoye SDO celebrates its 60th Anniversary

Fibralspec project Partner Yuzhnoye State Design Office faces its 60th  Anniversary with a deserved reputation of one of the world's leading space enterprises. For more information about Yuznoye, you can use the following link.  

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Industrial Technologies Conference ITE 2014 – Day 1 (Photos)

Here are photos of "FIBRALSPEC Boot no. 41" at Day 1 of the Conference.

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Fibralspec Project Presentation at ITE 2014

Prof Costas A. Charitidis, NTUA, will tomorrow present the FIBRALSPEC project in details to the audience at the Industrial Technologies 2014 Conference in Athens.

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Work Package 3 members had On-line Skype Meeting on 2 April 2014

WP3 Project members: had on 2 April 2014 an on-line Skype Meeting to discus further steps and development of the project activities.

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